The Burden Of Hating Cheese

Well this may seem like a strange way to kick off a site about the love of food, but one thing I need to get off of my chest is just how bad it is to not like, or rather hate, cheese. Yes I said it, I cannot stand cheese. I cannot stand the taste, smell, or texture of this food. There is one exception however, mozzarella cheese. This is the only kind that I actually eat but only because it does not have a strong odor and it is rather bland. I do love me some pizza. I have always had this strong distaste for cheese ever since I was a kid and it is something that is still with me.

Grilled cheese sandwiches….No Thanks!

Parmesan on my salad or pizza….Heck No!

Swiss, American, Cheddar, Gouda, Brie, Romano, Asiago, Feta…you name it and I want nothing to do with it.

Now most cheese lovers may not realize just how many recipes, foreign cuisine, frozen dinners have some sort of cheese included. It’s everywhere and it is hard to escape.

The Burden of Being Finicky

Not liking cheese can be quite a challenge, especially when going out to dinner or eating over someone else’s house. One of the biggest drawbacks that has to be endured is the sheer look of astonishment on somebody’s face when you tell them that you don’t like cheese. “How can you not like cheese? It is so delicious!” It is almost as if they look at you and are trying to decide if you are one of those aliens that inhabit the Earth that the Men In Black are constantly keep tabs on.

And as a little kid, it can be doubly worse. Being judged, making friend’s parents work harder to prepare something just for you that is “cheese-free”, usually something that is not as good. It can downright stink.

And while I do love to get into the kitchen, I also am a frozen food junkie. If you do not sit there with the door open letting out all the cold air while you read the ingredient list on the back of the box, then chances are you are going to get a frozen dinner with some cheese in it. Especially parmesan, they sneak that sucker into a lot of different meals. What a hassle.

Overcoming the Burden

What I quickly discovered as a kid and the quickest and easiest way to avoid the weird looks was just to say that you were allergic to cheese. I am not talking about being lactose intolerant, which I tried once but it produced it’s own set of weird looks from others. I am talking risk to your health and well-being allergy, the kind that sends you to the hospital. The first time I tried this line I was amazed at how well it worked. Eating over at a friend’s house I was surprised how well this worked on their parents. They sure don’t want to be responsible for sending someone else’s kid to the ER with an allergy attack. So every time I was invited over for dinner there was a very tasty meal without cheese waiting for me. Awesome!

Now I did feel bad about lying, but sometimes a little white lie is worth it. I remember telling one of my friends Mother after years of eating over at their house that I wasn’t really allergic to cheese, I just didn’t like the taste of it. She couldn’t believe it, but everyone, including her, got a great laugh out of it. She really thought something would happen if I ate cheese.

Cooking With Cheese

I am not a professional chef, nor do I have any type of formal training. I do love to cook though, and sometimes that does include using cheese. I try to avoid preparing dishes with food, for obvious reasons, and the people that I cook for understand this.

For one, I cannot taste it as it’s cooking to check if everything is seasoned just right. I just have to hope and pray that the dish comes out right. This has caused a few disasters in the past, so I usually just cook dishes that do not contain cheese.

Rant Over

Ok, I am done whining about cheese. But if you read through the different articles on here and notice a distinct lack of cheese, now you know why. Oh, did I mention that I also hate mayonnaise!

For those that do love cheese, here is a great video on how to prepare the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.