Non-secular Humanist

July 30, 2014

So, I took this quiz, and like most quizzes on the internet it’s something we SHOULD TAKE SERIOUSLY AND DIE OVER!! take with a grain of salt. But it’s interesting. I seem to be somewhat more “humanist” than this quiz likes religious people to be. I hear a lot about secular humanism, but not much about religious humanism.

I’m generally an optimist. I believe that people can be “good” (for large quantities of good) without being religious. Some of the nicest and most caring people I know are not just areligious but anti-religious. I’ve met some right bastards who are more “Christian” than I am. And it goes without saying, vice versa. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that we’re all sinners in the eyes of God. We are. But to me that doesn’t mean you can’t be a moral person and be non-religious.

Christianity should be linked with the process of “sanctification”. That’s a churchy word for getting “better”. Your character becomes closer to that of Christ. We never arrive at that highest point, but I suppose as it is with the notion of Enlightenment some of us can get closer than others. Regardless we should never stop striving.

I guess my question for those that care to comment is, if you’re a believer where do you think this notion that people can’t be moral/good to a meaningful extent comes from? Is it Biblical? I know that Christ said that no man should be called good, but surely that means only in relation to the Father?

If you don’t believe in religion of any sort, how much “better” do you think man has the capacity to get and does religion actively interfere?

The Religious Identity Test
Your Result: Somewhat humanistic, with some supernaturalism
You have a generally humanistic outlook, though you tend to be open to some ideas that would be considered supernaturalistic. Hence, you probably reject most of the dogma and creed of traditional religion, and you probably consider most organized religions outdated in today’s world. You value reason, but an attachment to supernaturalism lingers in you. Describing yourself as Christian would not be accurate, as your general outlook is more humanistic than Christian.



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  1. I took the test, and it was obvious that whoever designed it believes differently than I do. I found myself more often between options and picking the “closest” rather than having a clear agreement in most of the questions.

    However, apparently they aren’t going to take away my “Christian card”:

    Your Result: Christian

    78% – You generally accept most of the basic beliefs and doctrines of Christianity, and you are probably accurate if you describe yourself, your world view, and your religious beliefs as Christian.

    32% – Somewhat humanistic, with some supernaturalism

  2. For sure every question needed more than three potential answers.

  3. Hi Uncle Scott,
    I found the choices were not nuanced enough for my taste. The results were pretty meaningless as a result.

  4. Yeah but it was a good jumping off point for my questions.

  5. I think the idea that non-Christians can’t be good stems from a misunderstanding of scriptures about man’s sinful nature. It’s taken out of context and used to say man can “do no good” rather than focus on our standing before God.

    The argument goes like this:

    ATHEIST: I have morals and can do good. See, I go serve at a soup kitchen every week.
    CHRISTIAN: Yes, but you’re doing that to make yourself feel better so in the end it’s selfish and therefore not good.

    And on…and on…and on…and on…

  6. I think that the idea comes from the total depravity tenet of Calvinism – which I disagree with.

    My test result was similar to yours. I thought that the questions revealed more about the test preparer than the test taker.

    Anywho, that is my feedback. Send me an email if you want to discuss further as it is too much work to track RSS for comments on all of the blogs that I visit.

    Cheers, Bob

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