Transgender Conversation

July 9, 2012

WARNING: CLUMSY ATTEMPT NOT TO HURT ANYONE’S FEELINGS AHEAD!!! I have some friends that consider themselves to be fall under the category of are transgender. I’ve also written a story from the perspective of a transgender person. So naturally that makes me an expert on the topic. (I also stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.)

One of my lovely friends, who read said story, sent me a link to this video:

Transforming FAMILY (Open Captions) from LGBTQ Parenting Network on Vimeo.

I watched it and it’s an interesting look into the live of transgender people who want to be or are parents.

When I finished the video I got into a conversation with a fellow Christian about it. They are of the opinion that choosing to identify and live as if you possessed a gender other than the one you are born with is the same as living out your life as a homosexual, in the sense that both would be sins. I pushed back.

I told the person that unless they had explicit verses from the Bible that talked about the issue then they couldn’t take that stance. They responded that they believed the whole issue to be one rooted in a modern society. In essence they believed that there were no trans people in ancient times, or if there were that they simply weren’t out about it. I allow as how the latter might be true. I pushed back again.

I said that I didn’t think that a) they knew or had talked to any trans folks or b) that they had put any thought or study into the issue. I guess you can imagine that the conversation didn’t go well from there.

Personally, from a Christian standpoint, I have no idea what to think about it. Off the top of my head, it could well be that having these feelings could be a result of the fall. In an ideal world I suppose a person would be born so that their brain and body matched. I argued (and I hope this doesn’t offend) that if a person was born with a genetic defect that could be repaired medically or surgically, then it would be silly not to. In a way couldn’t being trans be a genetic defect of a sort? You feel like you should have been born with a gender other than the one your biology dictates. If you can “fix” that why shouldn’t you? How could that be a sin?

Ultimately, all I want is to be able to better understand all of the struggles that people are going through. I want to love people whether I understand them or not. I also want them to understand that they are sinners, no more or less than I am, and that there is hope through Christ for forgiveness and healing.

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  1. I struggle with “sin” as a descriptor, but I do agree with you that fixing something wrong, whether it’s a limb or a faulty link to gender or sexuality, is simply a common sense action.  Having said that, I know that it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I don’t know the procedures in the States, but there are well-defined procedures for testing the validity of feeling that your gender and your body are not aligned.  I tend to think of the process as a psychological one followed by psychological and physical treatment, and if I can go by those transgendered people whom I love, it brings both interim pain and a sometimes precarious peace.

    I love that you wrote about this.  And I meant it when I said I hoped for some more on Rose.   

  2. I’m pretty sure that the process is as rigorous here (though I’m no expert). I know it’s not easy.

    And thanks on both points. More from Rose later this year.

  3. Enjoyed the read Scott! Especially agree with:
    “Ultimately, all I want is to be able to better understand all of the struggles that people are going through. I want to love people whether I understand them or not.”

  4. Thanks Bob. And I know that this other person wants those things too, but we all have our prejudices. 

  5. that’s Awesome Scott!  I could not have said it better myself!


  6. Thanks Craig!

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