Dark Nights

March 20, 2012
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Thanks to my friend Dave Perry, I read a very thought provoking post from Rachel Evans. Apparently she left her traditional church and she and her husband are starting a home church. The post title is 15 Reasons I Left Church. Most of them resonated with me, but thanks to my church it was more of a “I Know that other people are going through this.” For me there is one area my church could be doing better in (and by my church I guess I mean me, since I need to be part of the solution).

14. I left the church because there are days when I’m not sure I believe in God, and no one told me that “dark nights of the soul” can be part of the faith experience.

If you’ve known me for any length of time then you know that I go through these stretches. Right now things are good. I’m on some nifty medication which helps. I’ve also got good friends I can be honest with. When that’s not the case, I need to know that it’s okay to be in the pit sometimes, crying out to a God that may or may not be there (at least as far as my mind is concerned). And by okay I don’t mean that I need to stay there, but that it also doesn’t mean I’ve “fallen away”. I need other people to know that too.

This is a weird, wild journey we’re on. There are going to be problems. Our life is not always going to be happy and shiny. You’re going to blame God or even wonder if there’s someone to blame. Expect that. Get help for it, when you’re in the place to reach out for help. If you see someone else in the midst of something like this, help them. And by help I mean do more than pray for them or tell your pastor/elder/deacon about them. Those things may be good, but they’re not all that needs doing.

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